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We are more than just a candle company.

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

We are Created 4 Purpose with a Purpose. ~ Living Life Intentionally.

You were Created 4 Purpose on Purpose

You are a creation of God with a unique purpose. Many people “do” things to try to gain acceptance by others, so that they can “be” someone. They become slaves to public opinion and never really know who they were meant to be. But the truth of the matter is, you are uniquely made and what and who you are has its on patent.

Vision and on a Mission

As a voice in the world, we want to make sure other (young women and young men) have an opportunity to have a chance to grow and develop into who God has called them to be. We as a small business know how hard it can be to start up a business, let alone, get all the tools and education to perform at your full capacity. We are just a small business wanting to see the children of the world get to the next level.

Individuals create Generations

Our vision once a year is to see that one young man and one young woman get a token of financial provision to further strive to be who they were purposed to be. We are here not just as individuals to live for ourselves, because the great plan does not end with us. Our Children, Neighbors Children, Co worker Children etc. all have the ability and the potential to do great things. But those with potential sometimes need resources and guidance to perform to their full capabilities.

If you would like to donate here's how.

  • Every time you purchase a 9.52oz Signature Candle 10% of your order will go towards our C4P Scholarship Program and will be disperse in May of each year.

You can also donate directly thru the website. News | Created 4 Purpose on our C4P Page.

  • Attend C4P registered events to support (All events will be posted on the website and social media accounts)



Who is Eligible & How do I nominate someone?

  • Nominee * Must be a graduating senior of the upcoming year and have at least a 3.0 grade point average.

  • One Male - One Female

  • Nominations forms and write ins will be open up April 2022 and rewarded in May.

*Please sign up for our email notifications on our homepage so you can stay up to date.

Award ?

Will be awarded a Scholarship Certificate and a Monetary provision of our cash donations for the year leading up to the month of April of the Graduation year. Whatever Monetary donation is received will be evenly divided between the two recipients.

Our Goal each year is to raise enough money to help with books and other education material for their college entry.

With that being said, this year is our first year and we have a goal of 3,000 to raise so that each child can greatly be benefited.

If this something that you would like to join in and help us with scroll down and hit the C4P Donate Button.

Stay Connected and learn how to become a C4P Recipient or a Donor

Email us for more information:

Thank you for your Support

Tieka Bonaparte C4P CEO

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